This needs to be said: Funny Warning Labels

It is a lazy Saturday morning and I suddenly remembered a friend’s expression after he ate a packaged cake at a fast food chain and later spotted the warning label that said: May have a slight laxative effect. This got me curious about other important warning labels I may not have noticed before. This seemed like an effective way to chronicle how stupid manufacturers expect us to be and the question arises, are we sure we are doing justice to their expectations?


  1. “DO NOT put any person in this washer” Because you know, I was just about to.



  1. “Not to be inserted into penis”, then where else will I ever use this! (Note: they needed to illustrate as well just in case we didn’t know where on the penis to insert)



  1. The safest place to voice your political outrage: imported clothes.




  1. The mobile company that cares about YOUR relationships.



  1. And then the product that goes out and asks too much of us: common sense.



  1. Note: They have cleverly illustrated what they mean by the wrong end.


And in case this wasn’t clear enough:



  1. Just because it is a ‘Apple’ product, please don’t get ideas.



  1. Just when you thought you could wash the child and the clothes together.




  1. In case you were wondering how this hanger will look inside you: check illustration.




  1. For all those who understood that the box probably has more fiber.









  1. A sign to warn you about the sign.



  1. Serious Injury to?



  1. Isn’t that the first thing you want to do with your hot cuppa, pour it on yourself.



  1. Respect nature, think about your local cockroaches.




  1. The Angry Zipper: Beware



Do you have any more funny finds?


2 thoughts on “This needs to be said: Funny Warning Labels

  1. I know sometimes manufacturers put those warnings to prevent litigation if there is injury while using the product. This is incredible, and it definitely put a smile on my face! 🙂

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