Advice to Myself

It makes you happy.
Fill up Journals.
Books. Pages.
Empty Margins of Magazines.
Tissues from tables at Cafes.


Take a walk.
Somewhere new.
Or somewhere old and familiar.
Walk slowly. And fast.
Stop where you feel like it.
Feel the muscles in your legs
As they spring into life.
Listen to a podcast.
Learn something new.
Cry for a stranger’s pain.
Glean the wisdom from those who share it.
Look into the past
As often as you need to.
Forgive yourself for being imperfect.
Accept yourself for not having a plan.
For not knowing where you are headed.
Talk to old friends, often.
Talk to people you barely know.
Talk when in doubt.
Say yes to human connection.
Make food your friend.
Choose well.
Enjoy the deliciousness.
Cheat sometimes.
Start over, again and again.
Don’t hate yourself
For wanting to eat.
Read Poetry.
Everyday if you can.
Famous and obscure.
Sunny and morbid.
The ones you understand and the ones you can’t, yet.
Read more poetry.
Look for it in life.
Be as sexual as you feel.
Don’t wonder if it is too much
Or too less.
It is you
And it is enough.
Look for small things that lift your spirit.
Adorable stationery.
A light breeze.
A quote.
A old song you loved but had forgotten about.
Stay with it for a while.
Wander for a while.
Take the train.
Or the bus.
Take Off.
Don’t think about returning.
Don’t explain yourself
To anyone (No exceptions)
You know why
And that’s all you need.
Make plans.
Don’t depend on life to go as planned.
Make more plans.
Look into people’s eyes
When they tell you about their life.
Embrace whatever you find in them.
Wisdom. Happiness. Regret.
Collect these stories like sea shells.
Softly and loudly.
Mostly for yourself.
Sometimes for someone else.
Life could use a background score.
Admire beauty.
Look at that woman
Gaze at the soft swell of her hips
Her exquisitely delicate fingertips.
Don’t worry about what that makes you
It just means she is beautiful.
Look for words that move you.
The lone powerful ones.
The swarms that dance together.
Roll them slowly off your tongue.
Use them to fill your ears.
Revel in them.
Listen quietly to all advice.
Choose to not follow it.
Stay still and let yourself be led
And you will not be lost
For long.

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