Family Dinner: A Newspaper Report



The last family dinner of the Sharma’s was held on 3rd January 2016 at an overcrowded family restaurant with yellow lights known for its large portion sizes. The meal was to celebrate a birthday and was preceded by an inordinately long wait outside the restaurant peppered by irritated remarks and impatient leg jiggling. Present for the occasion were Mrs. Sharma, her two children Rita (26) and Avi (22) and Mrs. Sharma’s brother and his wife, the Singhs. In addition to those present, Rita’s legs also made their prominent presence felt. The contention for the evening lay between Mrs. Sharma and Rita, both of whom differed on the acceptable extent of leg exposure and its function in the delightful evening. Mrs. Sharma strongly voiced out her view of the leg exposure as vulgar and an invitation for rape multiple times throughout the evening only to be met with awkward silence on the table. The men on the table preferred to take a politically wise, neutral stance in the conflict. Mrs. Sharma was remarkably consistent in constantly acknowledging this indecency for it is after all the complete responsibility of moral young women to safeguard their bodies from men. Rita on the other hand differed in her views although hard to say what those views exactly were owing to her remaining silent for most of the evening. Except on one occasion when she just looked down into her food and remarked about the unusual amount of chilli in the chicken leg this evening. She remained unavailable for further comment.


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