Writer’s Dilemma


What can I write about. I think I need to have a list because although I have now made it an almost regular feature that I sit in front of the computer and write, a brand new dilemma confronts me at times. What do I write about?
This is a relatively commonplace experience with most writers but it is brand new for me because, until my pre-new year resolution to carve out time each day to write, I only wrote when I had something to write about. I would not open this neat blank poe page until I was pushed by a piece of writing in my head, screaming to get out.
But now I write every single day. On some days, I have some experience in mind or a thought that is rich enough to begin with and build into a neat essay, on other days I review some of the works that I had been working on and try to see if there is something that needs completion (there are many such stories, essays etc.) . But there are some days when the flow just does not come. I sit staring at the screen for a long time and nothing comes out. Like today. Until I realized that I maybe can write about my struggle with what to write about. (That sounds a bit circular now.)
I remember one time I grappled with writer’s block, here. But this is not exactly that. I am somewhere beyond writing blog posts and not yet reached fictionville, a kind of a no man’s land. I really want to go to fictionville but it is a scary place for me. I have been there before, but I am not yet sure what to make of my experiences there. There are two or three aggressively average short stories that I wrote when I was there and a skeleton of a novel I never began working on. But apart from that I find that the bigger chunk of my work is this. Writing about something I thought, felt, saw or wonder about. And I enjoy that kind of writing. I find that when I begin writing about something, I understand it better, I remember it better later as well.
Somedays ago, I began this renewed dedication to writing with a question: Are you really a writer? Today another question stands before me, one that maybe someone who has read what I write can answer : What kind of a writer are you? Are you an essayist, a short story writer, a poet or a novelist? Or are you still an amateur writer?

And more importantly, What kind of a writer do you want to be?


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