Just Another Evening

I see a new light in your face lately, a glow, the laughs that come quicker and more often and I can’t help but feel happy. I think you’re happy. More than I have seen you in a long time. I hope at least some part of it is because of me, I have been the source of so much pain in your life lately that I really do hope I bring some joy too.

A ray of green light drew new patterns on your face as you sat cozily next to me, the silky feeling of your shirt against my arm, and your musky fragrance soaking into my being. This is what happiness feels like, I thought.

You, me and this night.

The music thudded on as we sipped on our beers, cracking jokes at the drunken dancers and that feeling came over me again. That elusive one I am still looking for a name for. That feeling which comes during moments which move me and etches itself into my memory, so immediate that I can feel its burning. A brimming over of affection and gratitude, chased down by fear. Let this not end. Let us stay here, caged in this moment, the brief one between the ebb and the flow. Let us make this our secret happy place, and come visit together or alone when we need to be reminded of this feeling.

Do you know what it is called?



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