The Book Thief : Better late (review) than never

I watched this movie, “The Book Thief” a few dyas ago and just felt compelled to share about it here. I had read the book a long time back and remembered it only faintly, but I remembered it had warmed the bookworm heart in me.

This is the story of Liesel, an extraordinary and spirited young girl who is sent to a foster home in Nazi Germany at the beginning of the movie and one discovers, her life through her experiences and her many relationships :

Her foster father: the man with the accordion heart

Her best friend and admirer, Rudy the boy with the yellow hair

And Max. her friend who is a Jew the family is hiding in their basement

When Liesel moves into her foster home, she does not even know to spell her own name yet gradually she learns and finds meaning and solace in the books she steals them from gravediggers, pyres and libraries, hence becoming the Book Thief.

The narrator of the book is Death himself as would be apt given the circumstances of the story. The narrator comments on humans and their ways like an impassive observer, bemused, fascinated and at times admiring.

The warm friendship and affection shared between Liesel and Rudy is heart warming as is his blinding devotion towards her.

Mostly, the reason I felt compelled to share this is because it made me feel like what is not possible if one has the spirit to follow dreams and has the courage to want more.


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