17 Things I learnt by Living Alone

I moved out of my family home in June last year. Mostly because I wanted to experience what it would be like to live by myself in the city. Technically I do not live alone, I have three roommates but by Indian standards that is as alone as you can get at this stage in life. Living anywhere apart from your family home in the same city is practically unheard of.

Often my colleagues ask me where I live and when I share about my living situation I get quite a few hilarious responses. Most of them are awed and are like I can’t believe your family allowed you to do that kind of thing. (How I managed to convince my folks is a whole other post) Others eye me suspiciously wondering what I did to malign the honor of my family and lead them to discard me from my only rightful place in society. And the rest just try their best to not look jealous but fail miserably.

Living like this is great. Most of the times at least. Sometimes it does not feel too good to be b yourself, outside of your comfort zone, away from people who love and care about you no matter what. But that’s only when you’re too sick (home sick and otherwise.)

Most of the times living by yourself is a crash course on life. And I learnt many things in these few months:

1. Having clean, ironed clothes to wear in the morning is a reason to celebrate

2. Planning for your next meal and actually cooking it are two independent phenomena


3. You become a pro at having invigorating and life-changing conversations with yourself

4. You can play all the bad music you’re too embarrassed to listen to in public, as loud as you want

5. Crying does not need to happen in the bathroom anymore

6. You understand what all the fuss around maids was all about. (“What the maid isn’t coming today!” *glass shattters*)

7. Roommates become adopted family members

8. Now that you can come home as late as you want to, you go to bed at ten on most nights

9. You listen more to the voices in your head and sometimes it is a good thing. Only sometimes.

10. You learn to be responsible. And try not to be weird about it.

11. You can have all the alone time you want

12. You can buy all sorts of forbidden stuff and keep it in plain view ( No I do not own a dildo, you rotten mind)

13. You discover disturbing things about yourself that in interest of world peace you keep to yourself

14. You can have the most weirdest things and pass them off as meals (uncooked maggi, one banana, three biscuits and almost a liter of water = dinner)

15. You can change anywhere and in front of anyone without feeling a thing

16. Sleeping anywhere, anytime is your new superpower


17. Most importantly,you learn to be independent and look out for yourself


18 thoughts on “17 Things I learnt by Living Alone

  1. I do envy you. I successfully managed to avoid the thought of living with relatives but i had to agree for the hostel thing. I still am thinking on how to start living on my own without giving my family a heart attack. 🙂
    I still can relate to most of those things on your list and yes, that freedom is bliss. And yes, I am waiting for the post on how you managed to convince the family. 🙂

    1. You should start the conversation. I realize we tend to overestimate how bad it is going to be. I was prepared for much more opposition that I actually got.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Ive gone through brief periods of this and loved it. Now that im on the other end of 20s, im seriously considering moving out, but if I were to even suggest moving out to another house in the same city, i’m going to get one hell of a reaction 😉

    You should really write that post about how you convinced your parents, I could do with some pointers!! 🙂

  3. Congratulations. It is interesting to hear your perspective and contrast with that of my own, both cultural (I’m American) and age group (40s). When I was 18 I couldn’t wait to get out of the house and enrolled in college across the country. Now, I’ve moved back in with my (single) mom in my old(er) age and struggled at first, feeling that people would think I was not successful. But I value the opportunity to keep an eye on her/her health and the companionship.

  4. he he he he AH ha the good old days i am reminded of .. let me tell you it is a BLISS living alone .. I so love it even now ..

    I am thinking how will i do when my mom comes from india to stay with me for 6 months …

    1. Oh the re-adjustment to the parents is the worst! I still struggle to spend just a week end with my mom without hysterical screaming, six months sounds like a killing! Do tell me how it went 😛

  5. Its almost that I can relate to almost many of them! Most probably this year I’m going to stay in a hostel so I’m looking forward to the exciting part but it is pretty scary at the same time! And from your post I cannot understand that how can you pass on point 14 as dinner! And I am totally on board with the 10th one! 😛

    1. Well about point 14, lemme just tell you there are days when sheer laziness to cook takes over all basal urges 😛 Get back to me after you’ve lived alone for at least six months and you’ll know what I mean

  6. Reminds me of the time when I started living alone… and how it was a struggle for 2 boys, my roomie and me were 21, learnt to cook and clean and wash clothes, having bigger egos than brains we refused all kinds of ‘help’ and learnt to manage on our own.
    The result today is that I can live just about anywhere and do anything, as nothing can offend my ‘sensibilities’ and one great result I got out of it was that I learnt cooking…. proper cooking, baking and all that stuff…. 😛
    Hilariously written post…. Love reason 12 …. LOL 😀

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