Invisible Monsters REMIX

I think I am in an ongoing dark mode, because after the dank and dark movie ugly, I am writing about the twisted and dark book Invisible Monsters REMIX by Chuck Palahnuik.

This book is crafted to read like a fashion magazine. Pieces and pieces of non-linear material that at some angles comes together and makes absolute sense and at other times just looks like a collective heaving mass of twisted chaos.

That is Chuck Palahnuik for you (Thank you M for introducing me to him. You are truly my dark soul sister :* )

The book begins with the nameless protagonist, a supermodel with the perfect life, a career, a fiance and a loyal best friend, till she loses her entire jaw in an accident and so begins this satire on beauty and society peppered with the evil.

Let me not write a spoiler-filled review but let me tell you this, the characters change names throughout the book and as you claw your way deeper and deeper into the mess trying to make sense of the story and its characters all you will find is a recurrent theme of a need for destruction. A need so deep-rooted and rampant, it truly has no boundaries.

You will find the tragedy of love, only tragedy and no beauty. And no matter how optimistic you consider yourself to be about love, you will find yourself agreeing.

The jumping between chapters that is required in this remix version (At the end of each chapter, the author tells you which chapter to read next) and the non linear sequence of events adds to the surreal sense of time that the novel evokes. The jumping makes the reader constantly feel like some parts of the story have been missed out, like there has to be something more to it and adds a sense of confusion and chaos.

The stories are disturbing. The dark, twisted evil that I never believed to truly exist and the main character is the most evil of them all as you will find out right at the very end.

And mostly this book will leave you wondering about beauty and about being loved and the heavy prices we agree to pay for them both.


P.S.: I think I am in a really dark place now.


5 thoughts on “Invisible Monsters REMIX

      1. Actually I was going through my mail and came across a comment that you were in a dark place for some personal reasons…. that linked to no new posts made me wonder and message….
        Hope things are ok now, take care…

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