Hyperbole and a Half: A Review

Allie Brosh is author of the popular blog by the same title and I decided to read the comic book version of her much lauded writing and her histrionic sense of humour on a lazy afternoon when I did not have access to any other books. This e-book was in my phone and I decided to give it a read

(I use the android e-reader app Aldiko which is according to me the best of the lot  )

Author Allie Brosh

Allie writes about her childhood, her dogs and more importantly about her “Adventures with Depression”. Her depiction of depression is brutally honest and is by far the most compelling relating of depression that I have read in a long time. And she somehow manages to do it with a sense of humour:

Her descriptions of her struggles with completing daily routine tasks is hilarious and personally made me feel empathic for her problems in a way that I would usually find very challenging. She struggles with motivating herself to do anything and has these spurts of energy that fizzle out with equal grandeur.

Her comics are created in Paintbrush and are meant to be non-artistic and rather crude and set the no nonsense tone for her entire content. She writes passionately about her dogs and they are often the butt of her jokes. I am not a dog person myself so I found her insights on her dogs fascinating but difficult to relate to.

During her depressed phase, she is at the receiving end of ‘ALOT’ of advice from well meaning friends and relatives and equates the solutions to ways to find her fish when in actuality her fish are dead.

So if you are in the mood for a light read that has some soul and a lot of humour, this book is the way to go.




8 thoughts on “Hyperbole and a Half: A Review

  1. I’m so glad you found me on WordPress and followed me. Based on what I’ve read here, you have a new follower. I appreciate how you see things and how you express them, too.

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