Penguins Of Madagascar: A Review

Sunday evening left my sides aching with the witty humor in Penguins of Madagascar 3D. Although I must have looked quite funny myself wearing two glasses (my regular glasses and the 3D ones atop that), I thoroughly enjoyed this adorable revenge story coming from Dreamworks.

The plot is simple. Dave the octopus(John Malkovich) who was once the star of the show until he lost out to the endless cuteness of penguins decides to eradicate them all using ‘Medusa Serum’.

Regulars Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights and Conrad Vernon return to their regular voiced penguin characters of Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico respectively as the elitest of the elite team and they plot and plan to save the penguins of the world with the help ofΒ  the North Wind animals; secret agents working to help secure the safety of all animals. Classified (Benedict Cumberbatch) leads the group as a natural born leading wolf, with Short Fuse (Ken Jeong) as a ballistics expert seal, Eva (Annet Mahendru) as a fierce owl and Kowalski’s love interest, and Corporal (Peter Stormare) as a lovable polar bear.

In the midst of a scene when you least expect it, the name of a movie star will hit you. When Dave commands his octopus soldiers (who are disgustingly slithery especially in 3D), you hear shouts like, “Nicholas! cage them.” or “Halley! Bury them.” Add to that their disturbing addiction to ‘Cheesy Dibbles’ and you will find your self in that curious place where disgust and amusement mate. Warning: Snortingly laughing could be a choking hazard.

In one of my favorite scenes from the movie, Dave the octopus has hacked into North Wind’s computer and is trying to menace them over video call and the ‘technical difficulties’ that follow are cleverly funny and relatable.

It is mindless but it is rib ticklingly funny and the antics of the penguins are sure to amuse you for the whole 92 minutes of the movie.




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