Between Breads: A Review

Sunday evening , we girls decided to meet for an early dinner and headed to this cute little fly on the wall joint in Bandra named “Between Breads”. This charming little place was tiny yet cosy seating about four sets of customers at a time. The ambience is relaxed and I was rather amused to find each table armed with an Archie Comicbook.
The interior of BB
The menu is brief but delightful. For drinks we ordered Lemon Iced Tea, Berry Cooler and a Pink Lemonade. The Pnk lemonade was really good, tart and delicious. The berry drink was full with a black currant flavour and the iced tea was refreshing.
Clockwise: Pink lemonade, Berry Cooler and Lemon Iced Tea
For appetizers we ordered their Mushroom and Cheese fries from the secret menu and it was nicely done, just the right amount of salty and crispy. We brushed it off in minutes and that has to be the biggest compliment to the chef.
Mushroom and Cheese Fries
They serve all their dishes in adorable wicker baskets covered in their trademark absorbing paper. The Philly Cheese Sandwich came in a fresh multigrain bread that was tasty enough to be had by itself. The chicken was succulent and spicy though the chips could have been more fresh.
Philly Cheese Sandwich
I was still full from the rather late Sunday lunch I had, so I opted for the Chicago Hot Dog.  It was average though I really like their fresh mustard sauce.
Chicago Hot Dog

The burger we ordered , Chicken Chilli Lime Pesto, was a fresh flavour though we were expecting it to be a bit more spicy.

Chicken Chilli Lime Pesto Burger
The whole spread

Overall, it is a cosy place to spend a nice evening although by the end the waiter did come and ask us how long we would take since there were customers in waiting. We wish we could stay longer!


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