Salt Water Cafe, Churchgate: A Review

Salt Water Cafe Coaster

It was a big day. We were bringing in his thirtieth birthday and decided on this little (ok it’s not really that little) cafe.

Warm Yellow Lighting
Warm Yellow Lighting

The ambience of the place is warm and mellow and I particularly liked the yellow overhead lights on each table. They cast a warm glow and set a romantic mood. The unexpected perk of the evening came when ten minutes into our entry I realized that at the next table was Actor Sharman Joshi enjoying a quiet dinner with his wife. We managed to act all adult and not notice and allowed them to enjoy their meal in peace. In this picture, he is visible in the background 🙂

Celeb Spotting: Actor Sharman Joshi
Celeb Spotting: Actor Sharman Joshi

There are two parts to the cafe: the balcony and the inner section. The bar is in the inner section. The space where this cafe is used to be a coffee shop called Mochas and as a college students was one of my favorite hang-outs. Walking into the inner section brought back all those college memories.

I had called in earlier in the day to make a reservation and request for a surprise birthday cake to be brought out after dinner which they were sweet enough to comply to. However, as soon as we entered the restaurant, I could see the cake in the refrigerator close to the entrance and was praying that he doesn’t notice. I asked him at the end of the night if he had and thankfully he hadn’t!

The waiter greeted us warmly and brought out these gorgeous complimentary bread basket with butter. And the menu which was a on a cork board in similar shades of the coaster.

So for starters we orders their Polenta Chicken and the Salt Water Caeser Chicken Salad.

Polenta Chicken
Polenta Chicken

The Polenta chicken was tender and succulent and the dipping sauce was twangy and delicious. The portion was generous as well.


The Caesar salad surpassed our expectations. It was one of the best I have had in a long time. The ingredients were fresh and the dressing was just the right amount. The salad leaves had crunch to them and the chicken was soft enough to melt in the mouth. The fried bread cubes added a wonderful bite to it. This one was a winner.

With the starters I tried their vodka-based cocktail Pleasantly Plum. It had chunks of plum and apple juice with vodka but the drink was a bit too bitter for my liking.

Pleasantly Plum Cocktail
Pleasantly Plum Cocktail

To be honest we were full with the appetizers and decided to share the main course for which we order the Roasted Shiitake and Button Mushroom Risotto.

Roasted Shiitake and Button Mushroom Risotto
Roasted Shiitake and Button Mushroom Risotto

The Risotto was finger-licking tasty (the picture just does not do justice). The mushrooms were warm and chewy and the rice was just perfectly cooked and it was on the saltier side which I feel just added to the overall flavour.

And the evening ended with the unbelievably rich ‘Choclate Nouga’ Birthday cake from Celejor.

Choclate Nouga Cake
Choclate Nouga Cake

And like they say, all is well that ends with cake 🙂

My Verdict for Salt Water Cafe:


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