Gone Girl: A Review

    “When I think of my wife, I always think of her head. The shape of it, to begin with. The very first time I saw her, it was the back of the head I saw, and there was something lovely about it, the angles of it”
    The movie, like the book begins with these morbid lines, and from the first minute, the macabre tone of the tale about to be told was set. It was a Friday night and we wanted to catch a movie. I was really excited about Gone Girl because a few months ago I had began to read the book but soon found out that there is a movie being made the screenplay of which is also by the original author so I abandoned it for the time. And my god I am so glad I did. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the movie half as much had I known what was about to happen, because this is the most crazy twisted plot that I have ever encountered!

The movie begins slowly and takes its time in engaging you but before you know it you’re caught in it knee-deep without knowing how you got there, like a bad relationship, like Nick and Amy Dunne’s five year-old marriage. And then on their anniversary she goes missing and a few (rather late discoveries later) it is speculated that Nick Dunne maybe responsible. Then begins the whirlwind journey of their decomposing marriage and the truth which as the saying goes is stranger than fiction.

Rosamund Pike gives you the creeps which means that she has played her part well. Ben Affleck was somewhat of a disappointment and as always was the ‘pretty thing’ that decorated the cast but did not really bring a lot to the table. Pike stole the show single-handedly. Neil Patrick Harris was convincing as the rich obsessed ex-boyfriend and I almost felt bad for the gruesome end to his character. Andie’s boobs also play their part well.

The movie takes so many twists and turns that till the end I could not believe or completely fathom what hit me! Well, truth be told, they do overdo it a bit, but if you can just for a moment believe that people can really be so damaged and deranged, this movie gives you a lot to think about!



19 thoughts on “Gone Girl: A Review

    1. Ya because when you read the book you know all the twists that’s no fun to watch then πŸ˜› I am planning on reading the book now because apparently the movie has not covered all aspects as in the book πŸ™‚

  1. I am glad I’ve read the book. Would probably my watch the movie first if I still had that option. Wanted to throw the book in a corner a couple of times until it finally started getting twisted. And then I could not put it down anymore. Loved it! A crazy great story!!!

  2. I have to agree with you in most every instance. I was happy I didn’t read the book. I used to love Rosamund Pike as an actress and now? Let’s just say she is a heck of a good actress. Ben Affleck always seems to disappoint me so, in this instance, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the film and it does tend to stay with you but I would probably rate it 3 stars out of 5!

  3. Hi Veena, thanks for such a complete analysis and overview – I agree! Although I felt Neil Patrick Harris’ character was the weaker link of the movie – his continued obsession for Rosamund despite having been filed a restraining order didn’t convince me. He’s a very talented actor and playing the bad guy for a change must have been refreshing.
    The movie really took me in but I can’t say that I ‘enjoyed’ it. The plot was very intelligent and the ending completely unpredictable. But I left the theatre feeling sad and a bit lost – the whole twisted ideology of marriage, and the fact that there was no justice for the bloodshed left me wanting…

    1. I agree.. but somehow I do feel the objective of story-telling of any kind is to make us feel something, not necessarily only the good but possible the ugly as well. And I too left the theater feeling scared out of my wits of marriage but it made me think and I appreciate that.
      Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, I so agree. This movie was definitely twisted, I think I understood half way through what was going to happen, but the ending was still a surprise. It’s right up there with Fatal Attraction that’s for sure.

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