As He Lay Sleeping

I had a strange relationship moment the other day, the boyfriend and I decided to take a nap in the evening and as my weird uptight body clock would have it, I could not, no matter how hard I tried, fall asleep. And he was fast asleep in minutes, softly snoring against the crook of my neck. I lay there, for what seemed like a long, loooong time till I decided, I can’t sleep. I did not want to move too much because when I do, he often wakes up and looking at how innocently and deeply he was sleeping I did not have the heart to wake him up.

So I did what anyone in my position would do, I googled my dilemma thinking it may be the most weirdest google search I have ever done ( And that is saying a lot considering how many bleak moments I have had, google-wise) But Lo and Behold, I found from the profusion of similar questions posed by fellow surfers that mine was an old dilemma.

One witty article listed down 12 secret things to do when the boyfriend is asleep while yahoo answers had this weird response. In the respondent’s defense, the question was equally weird.

Question: (from what seems like a sleepless uninteresting annoying woman)

hes tired from work & has been sleeping for like 3-4hrs already , i always go to sleep after 3 (its 1) & im really boreddd ive been trying to wake him up since he first fell asleep but he wont wake up -.-

im not tired at all !

does anyone knows a way to like wake him up without getting him upset ?

ps he does this all the time even when i tell him we need to spend time together .. ..

Amazing Response:

Oh how I hope your really young. I would just let him sleep. It’s not the amount of time you spend with someone it’s how you spend that time with them. If he need’s sleep then let him sleep. I sure you would like the same thing. Also if you can’t find something to do maybe you should just lay down and lay next to him. I’m sure after a while your fall asleep. P.S. the best time to be with a man is when he’s asleep. Then he can’t ever say the wrong thing to you and you know he’s hearing every word your saying! Maybe you can even brain wash him by reading him a book while he’s sleeping!

I must add that of all the creative responses (which included waking him up by giving him head, ((which I considered for a brief moment but dropped when someone wrote the got punched in the face when they tried that)) and other inane ideas) this response was highest rated. I wonder by whom *chuckle*

So after a few minutes of surfing and pondering (and muffled giggling), I had neatly laid out an action plan before myself. I slightly shifted out of his arms and bent over the side table to switch on a light. (Bad idea: he sleep-mumbled something about the light hitting him on his face and turned over and slept with his head wrapped in a blanket.) I took out a book to read.

It was Khushwant Singh’s The Company of Women. (Watch out for a review of this one soon)

Not a good idea, because the rather ahem erotic content tempted me to wake him up *evil laugh* So I abandoned the book before I could abandon my good intention of letting my sleeping boyfriend nap in peace.

Next. I decided to write in my journal. Empty my mind of some to the annoying thoughts that were probably keeping me awake in the first place. So I fetched my notebook and my furry-pen friend I like to call Dodo and plonked myself on the bed lying in the opposite direction. I began writing, mostly about him, until my eyes strayed to his bare feet that were peeping out of the sheets. And I remembered how he is an enthusiastic sleep kicker. One tiny twitch of his leg would have broken my nose into more pieces than I could stylistically speaking pull off. I moved away abruptly, my nose a safe distance away from his restless leg syndrome.

I resumed writing and as I wrote, I felt his stirring in his sleep and hoped that he would not wake up because I had decided to finish what I was writing and take a small stroll in case he isn’t awake yet. I would leave him a romantic/cryptic love note next to the pillow briefly telling him I will be back and maybe get him some goodies from a bakery close by. I was just smiling at these rather Parisian thoughts until  I felt his hand slide up my leg. My journal entry was the only thing that remained unfinished that night.


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