Lost in Translation

Yesterday as I was rolling out chapatis in the kitchen, the silence of the night led me to play a few songs on my mobile as I went about my chores. And this song played out:

What lovely lyrics, when you listen to the song in Hindi that it. As I tried to translate the song into English for this post, I realized, the poetry of the song was lost in translation. Anyhow, I am going to attempt to capture this song in as lyrical a way as possible:

I wish, our conversations are endless.

I wish, our meetings don’t have to end.

Our days and our nights, drift by like this,

one thing from another, the words keep flowing, our talks go on.

Then from those words, lets write a song.

A song that touches hearts.

Let words keep melting into tunes…

Close enough, but the lyrical quality is lost somewhere.

The other day at the dinner table, we were discussing how some languages have words which just cannot be expressed into English or for that matter into other languages with all its nuances intact.

There are many words I have come across which cannot be translated but here are my favorites:

1. Fernweh

2. Iktsuarpok

3. Komorebi

4. Tsundoku

5. Mamihlapinatapei

6. Aware

7. Kaapshljmurslis

8. Β Pronzovit

9. Ohrwurm

10. Glaswen

"The numbers didn't really mean much to me!" she said, laughing, but when her future editor tweeted at her about a possible book deal, Lost in Translation was born.

11. Commuovere

Ella chose to defer her place at university in order to focus on the book.

12. Mangata

13. Luftmensch

14. Razliubit

"A year ago today," Ella said, publishing this book was "the last thing I would have thought would happen."

15. Verschlimmbessern


14 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Love these – especially the German ones, because they are a fond reminder of my mother tongue and which get easily lost because they are not used much. Thanks for visiting/following my blog!

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