When I was a girl

I wrote this poem in school! I just loved re-reading it and it just reminds me of the boy I had a huge crush on and never told. He still doesn’t know and like it goes never will. Looking at the bright side, at least I got a poem outta it !

Picture courtesy: etsy.com

Mysterious are the ways of love

Only lovers know for true

But I would be hopelessly smitten one day

Indeed I never knew

It started off as an innocent liking

And slowly to more it grew

Seemed as if Mr. Cupid himself

Exchanged our hearts and flew

Oh! How I smiled endlessly

And how dreamily the days went by

My feet rarely stayed on the ground

And I felt I was going to fly

I nearly lost my sane mind

As the euphoria I felt gave me a high

On being asked what happened to me

‘I wish I knew!’ was my only reply

How do I tell him all this

I was really at the end of my wit

Above all my raging hormones

Had gifted me a BIG zit!

My pounding heart made me restless

At one place I couldn’t sit

After what seemed to me an eternity

Then the reality hit

To tell you the truth, not always

Do love stories like mine have a happy ending

My new-found sweetheart heard my confession

And smiled keeping his reply pending

After an agonizingly long wait

He politely refused

Here I was with my broken heart

Trying to move on though utterly confused

‘Never fall in love if you want

Your heart to live without any pain.’

This piece of advice was given by me

To all who nurtured a cautious brain

But little did I know my wise words

Were soon to go in vain

For a new sweetheart entered my life

Sweeping me off my feet all over again


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