Pinterest: Weekly Finds

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. And I find a lot of inspiring ideas there which I would love to share on my blog as well. So every week I am going to list down my top ten pinterest finds here. Usually what I find is reflective of what’s been on my mind that week so its a kind of looking back at the week that was as well.

1. Acrylic Bookmark

A transparent acrylic paperweight to hold down the pages of a book as you eat and drink while reading. Shut the front door.

I read a lot! And am a sucker for interesting book nerd merchandise and this acrylic bookmark seemed like a must have. I could eat, drink and wander around as I please while reading thanks to this clever invention. Sadly the link to the original website is broken 😦 Little heartbreaks *sigh*

2.  Quilling Inspiration

Paper Spring - Arte by Meire Rodrigues @

Paper Spring – Arte by Meire Rodrigues

Moving on to my second favourite hobbies: quilling. Just look at this gorgeous work of art, that cute little bird and the colorful detailing on the tree branch is great! This was my favourite quilling design this week.

3. Gone with the Wind Quilling Art

Gone with the Wind:)

Original Article:

And when my two favourite hobbies of all time get together (Books and Quilling) this is what happens. A gorgeous Gone With The Wind quilling design. *looks at the picture as a mother looks at a newborn*

4. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

Need. To. Visit. Here.

5. Art Journalling

Art Design by:

Lately I have been taken by the beauty of Art Journalling and plan to get cracking on it soon. I saw many inspiring pieces on pinterest but this one just stayed. The detailing and colours are what appeal to me the most.

6. Metal Stamped Boomark

To Read or Not to Read... #books #reading #book_humor

Buy it here.

Enough said.

7. Baby Love

Original Source:

I just cannot have enough of the cute baby pictures on pinterest and find that it is the easiest way for me to uplift my mood and brighten up my day. Now, just look at this adorable princess and do not miss the unbearably cute pudgy arm rolls!!

8. Poetry

36 Life Changing Poems Everyone Should Read - Great List! This would be an awesome project for a Language arts class-- assign students to find a poem that means something to them, have a poetry reading, and compile them into an anthology with their comments in it. This would be awesome for a teacher to hold on to year after year.

Read the complete article here.

I need a healthy dose of poetry and this article was the perfect weekly fix. I shrieked with joy to find my favourite listed down too. (Still I Rise by Maya Angelou)

9. Diwali Special Cupcakes

Diwali 2010 by CupcakeMomma SG, via Flickr

Original Source: Flickr

With Diwali just around the corner, pinterest is showcasing some diwali themed pins and these cupcakes piqued my interest and appealed to the Indian in me. These seem like a better alternative to the usual heavy Indian Mithais. I hope they taste as delicious as they look.

10.  Beautiful Shift Dress

Spring dress I love the print on this

Original Source:

And how can any pinterest list be complete without an outfit that is so beautiful that though you know you can never oull it off, you still pin it *haha*

Have a great pining *ahem ahem* pinning week ahead 😉


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