My Top Three Finds this week

I have been a busy shopping girl this week, with the festive season coming up, Diwali on 23rd, there are so many beautiful things to shop for. Here are my top three finds for this week:

1. Okay like all great finds, this was also an accidental find. I went shopping to buy a Diwali gift for my grandfather ( He is 89 years and cruising) and decided to buy him a nice perfume and I promise I went into this perfume store with no intentions of buying something for myself… but I found this unbelievably heaven-like fragrance. So Fruity and sexy all at the same time.. This has to be my top find!


2. The decorative items that appear in the market during this time of the year are so beautiful and exquisite. I found this candle light holder and bought it to gift my aunt. When you light the candle, the light bounces around the crystal pieces and it looks luminous!

The day I bought it, I dropped into the library in the American Consulate in Mumbai to borrow some books and when I was going through security check, the guard confused the hell outta me when he said he saw CDs in my bag and I was dead sure I haven’t had CDs since 1999. Later of course I figured, these babies look a lot like CDs in a metal scanner *lol*


3. Like Marilyn Monroe said ” Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. I love gladiators and this pretty ivory hemp ones just make the initial shoe bites worth it. After all, there is no such thing as too many shoes 🙂


What did you shop for this week?

Happy Shopping!!


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