Dried Rose

Of all battles and conflicts; the one against myself,

Ends in maximum destruction and endless futility.

When the intellect wages a war

Against the foolish heart,

I win yet I lose all that is mine.

The whole Universe is pitted against me.

My bed- my cocoon of several nights,

Is also whispering of all the silent times,

When we united and it witnessed.

Each time I close my eyes to sleep,

Your face appears adorned with your smile,

And a voice speaks out piercing words:

“I lost you, I lost you…

You are not mine anymore.”

Then why is this earth still rotating?

Why is the day breaking?

And even if it is why am I still here?

All of me is spent; there is nothing left to move on with.

And all that was us lies shriveled

Like the remains of the rose you gave

Pressed between the pages of a book.


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