10 Creative diy projects using Pistachio Shells

Last afternoon at work, my colleague and I managed to finish a decent amount of pistachios during snack time and I found myself staring at an embarrassingly large pile of pistachio shells. So, something needed to be done about them. Here are a few ideas I found 🙂

Do you have any ideas to share with me too?

1. Decorative Flowers

These beautiful flowers are where you can start from. Easy to make and gorgeous to look at, these flowers can be made in all possible colors. Make them as large or as small as you prefer. (Check no. 7 for ideas on how to use these flowers). For a detailed instructable go here.

 How to make beautiful flowers with Pistachio shells step by step DIY tutorial picture instructions

Art on howtoinstructions.org

2. Earrings

Use these shells to make matching earrings in all the colors you fancy. Earring hooks to attach them to can be found easily at any Craft shop. Add pretty beads to make it look more attractive. These are a great idea for junk jewelry fans like me Find a complete instructable here.

Picture of When life Hands You Pistachios, Paint them Gold.

Art by http://www.instructables.com/ 

3.  Pistachio Heart

Make pretty shapes using cartridge paper as a template like this beautiful heart. It can be an adorable gift for those who prefer to make gifts over buying them. Add beads and stick-on jewels to give it a more festive look! Use matching ribbons to hang it around the house. Read the complete tutorial here.

pistachio shell heart

Art by ourharsha.blogspot.com

4. Windchime

This is another creative way to use these versatile shells. Add tiny metallic charms and bells at the bottom that will tinkle in the breeze.

5. Tea-light Candle Holder

Use glue to construct this gorgeous lotus in the size of a tea-light. Use metallic colors that will reflect the light from the candle.

Pistachio shell candle holder

Found on etsy.com

6. Ombre Neck Piece

Ride the Ombre trend wave by making this beautiful neck piece using a thin piece of cardboard cut out in the shape of your choice. Attach a silver or gold chain depending on your preference and look like a stylista. For a detailed step-by-step instructable go here.

Art by Cremedelacraft.com

7. Wall Hanging/Wreath

This beautiful wreath can be adapted to be made as a wall hanging using the same design with the flowers and can be painted with different colors ( I’d add a a shiny touch of gold) I like how the flowers are of different sizes and that gives it a more polished look. For more details go here.

Art by Thee Kiss of Life

8. Photo Frame

When it comes to photo frames, we can’t have too many. And what better way to personalize our photo frames than by using pistachio shells and some paint. Voila, ready to dazzle the world 🙂

I like this one a lot. I think the "flowers" are super cute. ...also, it looks like the frame is made from cardboard - good idea to keep costs down. could cover a cardboard frame with newspapaer and paint it. maybe spray paint it all after the pistacios are on?  DIY Pistachios Skin Picture Frame DIY Pistachios Skin Picture Frame

Art on usefuldiy.com

9. Tribal Bracelet

If you’re looking to make something unique and beautiful, these are a great idea. They are so easy to make and look interesting while worn. Add feathers, beads and bells to complete the look. For a more detailed DIY go here.

Art by http://mieljolie.blogspot.in/

10. Collage

If you’re feeling ambitious and want to make something like this beautiful collage, allow all your creative juices to flow with these pretty designs on each shell.

Collage made of painted pistachio shells and textured clay

Art by Elena Nuez on etsy.com

Looks like I have things to d this weekend! Sunday my dear, come to mamma.


26 thoughts on “10 Creative diy projects using Pistachio Shells

  1. Hi Veena, Thank you so much for the Likes and the Follow. I love your blog – so many interesting things to do, you certainly don’t just sit and day-dream! I will definitely Follow you back and look forward to reading more great ideas. Sheila x

  2. I love this kind of stuff. It is a South Florida thing to do such with sea shells. I have decorated old picture frames with keys and antiqued. Used old George Washington stamps on table tops . Thanks visit my blog.

  3. I love pistachios, so I really like having ideas of what to do with the shells. Very clever!
    Also, thank you for the follow. You are #500 for me! ❤

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