Adult – A Poem


I slept every night without a worry in my head,

Without the anticipatory tension of being up on time.

As a child, I dreamt of all things pretty and innocent,

But now scandalous dreams cover my sleep in grime.

Freedom was rampant in everything I did,

Short frocks and free talks raised not one eyebrow,

But now chains bound me, in the disguise of etiquette,

Taunts and pricks force me to wonder ‘Why did I grow?’

A stray little sneeze and off to bed I was sent,

Pampered and fussed over in mamma’s lap,

But now as I burn in fever and struggle to open my eyes,

I still fulfill my daily duties and all that crap!

Childhood was accompanied by rose-coloured glasses,

Ah! Everything was pretty and love was so pure,

But now as the rosiness lays shattered on the ground,

Grotesqueness appears and sin tries to allure.

Time has passed

Memories have blurred

Get yourself together already

After all, now you are an adult.


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