Hand painted Diyas

With Navratri around the corner, I can’t help but feel the festive mode and Diwali for me especially brings with it my favorite ritual, painting these diyas for friends and family.

The process is as enjoyable and so is the gratitude of the recipients. I have been painting these for almost six years now and hope to do so each coming year.

Here are few of my favourites:

Sometimes when I have many diyas of the same pattern, I play it up by using different combinations of colours.


Then there are bigger diyas with four spouts like the one in the centre. These look particularly pretty on Rangolis. I love how the patterns integrate swastikas within the design and I like to accentuate them with my colours.


This is one of my favorite pattern and although it requires a lot of attention to paint the intricate design, I feel the end result is completely worth it. I have used pearl-finish acrylic paints for this one for the glossy sheen.


This one was a very unusual design and I found very few of the same pattern. I have used all metallic colors for this one and it almost looks like a metal diya although like the others it is eartherware.


Some bright colours for this one


This is again a rather interesting pattern with Lord Ganesha’s face.


I have used ‘bindis’ to finish these ones.


These simplistic yet pretty lotus flowers come in three sizes and I find these smallest ones most compelling. According to the Hindu mythology, the lotus flower is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wisdom and generosity. It is considered to be a sacred flower.


Some more beautiful flowers often used for adorning the Gods.IMG_1478

This gorgeous eleven spouted diya was a gift to family.IMG_2524


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