To love him so much that every quiver of worry that sprints across his face is enough to make my insides ache.

To look at his face and find my gaze fixed on it, trying to find the source of the spark that makes looking at anything else impossible.

To breathe deeply to calm my flailing heart when his eyes look at me but don’t see me.

To wait with bated breath while he speaks of his worries, his words revealing lesser that what he chooses to not say, for the moment when his eyes will meet mine and he can see my endless hunger for him.

To stand at the door, anxiously, when he shuts me out and helplessly watch him struggle till he finds a way to let me in. Till he allows some weight to fall on my shoulders too. Till he grows weary of protecting me and saving me and allows himself to be saved too.

To be lost in the moment when he absent-mindedly takes my hands in his and the warmth of his grasp soothes every ache in my body.

To spread my small hands as wide as I can to take his beautiful soul in my grasp and not let it be further dulled by the ways of the world.

A glittering diamond.

Only a tiny speck in the Universe

But for me all the light in my life.


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