Relationship Diary


I never feared what if you find someone else. Maybe it was my foolishness or my heart’s naive way of keeping me sane. But I always think that when you could have had anyone in the whole world, any one at all that your heart fancied, you chose me and that was the best stroke of luck for me and somehow I took it for granted that you’ll always choose me.. For the rest of our lives.

I am not prepared to lose you. That is one thing I think I will never be prepared for but if it comes to that, if it comes to choosing between losing the beautiful relationship we have all at once in a sudden nightmare or seeing it wither away.. bit by bit.. Seeing our suspicions and personal failures chew on  its edges as it turns into something neither of us recognize anymore, if it comes to that,I’ll choose the nightmare version. There is no way I can watch us disintegrate. That is where I draw the line of my tolerance.

There are somethings you can’t survive even though you want to. And then there are the others that you simply don’t wish to.



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