An Intimate Moment


She freed her wet hair from her pink striped towel and they cascaded down her bare back. She couldn’t help but look up and sway her head from side to side to feel the wet strands sweep across her back, ticklish and arousing at the same time like the fingers of a new lover who hasn’t discovered your touch-me-not spots yet.

She grabbed his right hand while he was still talking and for a tiny moment he paused and looked into her eyes. She gently untied her towel and placed his palm an inch below her deep navel on her bare belly flattening it against her warm skin with her tremulous fingers. She took a deep breath and the coldness from his hands seeped into her body and chilled her to the root of her spine. Warmth spread across her chest and she found comfort in the body’s infinite ways to feel love.

“What are you thinking?” he asked after a few moments.

“I love you”, she said “and I am thinking of last night and how much I had been missing the crookedness of your fingers and how I held them between my fingers till I was sure I’d be able to hold the sensation in my memory and be able to visit it whenever I like.
I am thinking of how much I like you. How every time we are together, I see that sparkle in you, of who you are from the inside and that undeniably attracts me to you.
And I speculate that the sparkle may have dulled with time and the scars that come with the years and yet it’s power over me is so strong. I can’t help but think why did we meet so late. And I wonder what would it be like to have known you years ago. And what could have been between us.”

“Sssh,” he whispered, “Listen. Can you hear that?”

“What?”, she asked. She heard nothing.

He grabbed her closer and whispered into her hair, “It is our future calling.”


4 thoughts on “An Intimate Moment

  1. Ah! This story is perfect 🙂 I love the ending, and its leaving a weird warmth in my tummy 🙂

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