sad couple


Noises in my head

Pieces of arguments

Play on without a pause

Screaming insides

Twisting in anguish

Suffering for an

Insatiable heart

Fixated with Perfection.


Many were my ambitious desires

Of unraveling to you sensually

the light and shadows of the real me.

In all its unfeminine crudity

But too entangled and entwined you were

In the meaningless web of my outer pretenses

At par with the world around


Loneliness enters the room unnoticed

Watching us as we sleep

And grows with the spaces between us

And the unheard words

And the subtle indifference


We wake up in a thorny place

Every word pricks our hearts

and love starts seeping through the open pores.

The heart gets emptier.

The mind fills up.

And love becomes a lesser entity.


That love which raised you to a pedestal

Now laughs and shoves you to the ground

How different you look down there

Hello, have we met before?





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