The Popcorn Quiz: Know yourself



The other day, while waiting for a train that seemed to be light years away, the fragrance of buttered popcorn tempted me to pick up a packet. I shoved my hand into my mystical purse; mystical because like the Bermuda triangle, things that go in mysteriously disappear often resurfacing after days. Luck was with me and I found my wallet without pulling any muscle and I purchased some good ol’ popcorn. I intended to munch on it while staring at absolute strangers and trying to profile them in my head.

I put the popcorn into my mouth and almost spit it out. It was unbelievably salty! A million things ran through my head and that is when it struck me. What do you do if your popcorn turns out to be too salty reveals so much about who you are!

Select the option closest to what would you do with your salty popcorn and scroll down to read what it means and says about you.

  1. Go back to the shop you bought it from and demand a refund.
  2. Give it to a beggar/poor person.
  3. Throw it in the closest dustbin
  4. Complain about it to very person who is ready to hear you
  5. Eat it.


Option A: Tension lene ka nahi, dene ka

You don’t take any bulls*#t from anyone. Period.  You believe the world is a fair place and whenever something happens to prove it otherwise, you take it upon yourself to set it right. You face no issues in speaking up what is on your mind irrespective of how the opposite person is going to take it. Or you have just had your boss/partner/random stranger yell at you for no reason and just wanted to pass on the favor.

Option B: Bade Dilwala  

So things did not quite work out for you the way you wanted. So what do you do. Make hay while the sun shines of course! You cleverly find a way to feel good even about a very shitty situation. So you pack the remaining popcorn and stride across to the closest beggar (God knows there is no dearth of them in the city) and proudly hand it over to them, returning with a proud smile. P.S.: God save you from the curses they float towards after tasting it.

Option C: The Whatever Person

When the popcorn is salty, throw it. Simple and Logical. And that’s how you are too. Not giving any situation and extra importance than it deserves. There are many more things you’d rather be bothered about so you’d rather move on to the next one ASAP. Next, please.

Option D: The Whiner

Why did this happen to me and only me? What have I done? Why God why, WHY ME? If you say all this one more time, the person next to you is going to slap you (if they won’t, I will). These are the perpetual complaint boxes who find that even the fluttering of a fly is directed towards making them miserable (and hence they manage to feel miserable). These are the believers in conspiracy, in all things evil and voodoo. If you have somehow found yourself here, take my advice and get help!


Option E: The Jugaadu

Now that you have spent the all-important ten bucks on the popcorn, you are definitely in no way going to let it go to waste, so what else can you do. Eat it of course may be amidst urgent sips of fruit juice or risking sodium chloride overdose(whatever that is). This is what you do and what you’re good at, making best of whatever situation you find yourself in. So when life gives you lemons, you slice ‘em up, take a shot of tequila and bite into them.


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