The Imaginary Line



That is the thing about trust. You can never tell its presence unless there is nothing else to go by. All these days, there was no space for doubt because what lies before your eyes need not be spelt out to you, but what if you don’t see it before you anymore. What if distance has made faint the bright light of love? Does that mean that what was comfortably left unsaid yet now has to be caged into words? Can your trust for someone have a tiny asterisk in the end that denotes conditions apply?

Can suspicion ever be a good sign? A sign that someone cares so much that the thought of losing you, makes them do crazy things not unlike a person under the spell of love. But when can you know whether their suspicion is about you or a compensation for their own indiscretions that are projected on you.

When it comes to love, is the distinction between sane and insane an imaginary line that changes position depending on your subjective perspective?


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