The Sleeping Story


They say you can tell a lot about a couple by their sleeping positions. Research shows that couples who sleep within one inch of their partner show a higher level of relationship satisfaction that those who don’t.

She always stuck to her side of the bed almost as if all morality depended on it. And she also stayed on her side thru most of the nights. But he was a traveller, he liked to move along the length and breadth of the bed. By morning, every pillow that started the night with them on the bed suddenly found itself sentenced to the floor sometimes with their covers splayed across in some other corner of the room. And it always made her wonder what happened when she was asleep and how did she manage to sleep thru all that action?

He was a sleep-tugger too. Much like sleep walkers and sleep talkers, he would tug at her sheets every night and have no memory of it the following morning. His sleep was animated and hers was more muted, but the only place they could sleep soundly was beside each other, their bodies touching throughout the night.


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