Clandestine Lover


Encircling me in my dreams were,

Arms thick and muscular.

Only in its firm grip could I bask

In the warmth of intimacy


Love may not always look

The way we would dream it

Your slender arms clasp me

And love seeps into virgin spaces


The clouded sunrays interrupt us,

Illuminating your bare back.

You turn to me and permit it,

To reveal your guarded beauty.



What is mine, I rediscover

Through what is yours

Thrills hidden in contours.

Soft. Supple. Tender.


Amidst the dance of pleasure

I glimpse in you, finally,

Uninhibited moves. I feel

Your sense of liberty


Tired strands of your hair

Lay sprawled across my breast

Stirred in the cool breeze

Coaxing us to escape.


Our eyes meet; intoxication

Weighs heavy on our lids

We promise to lay entwined forever

Until our men return home.




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