Clinical Thoughts



It’s a sinking feeling.

(Patient with delusional disorder: I can’t walk. Because if I walk, my intestines will fall out of my body through my vagina. I just know it.)

It’s a surreal feeling.

(Depersonalization: A dreamlike feeling of being disengaged from your surroundings. An anomaly of awareness.)

An overwhelming urge to escape it all, break ties from everyone and disappear. Where no one knows me.

No expectations.

No manipulation.

No submission.

(Dissociative Fugue: A reversible amnesiac state involving unplanned travel or wandering or establishment of a new identity.)

I stand on the ledge of the door in the train.

A step forward and I fall.

Just a step and the end.

(Suicidal Ideation: Thoughts about or an unusual preoccupation with suicide.)

But a cool breeze unexpectedly blows against my face. I feel my spirits lift.

At least for today. 




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