For Sale


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A battle she wins and enters like a bullet.

A drop of sweat runs through the middle of her forehead.

Her eyes dance frenetically around to find it.

She looks around at the blank faces staring back.

They want what she wants, the stakes are high.



The slightest sign of motion, Alertness springs alive.

Eyes raise in question and heads drop back in disappointment.

It isn’t time yet.

The HAVE smiles internally enjoying her power.



The exchange of facts. The rampant trade.

Isn’t this a Marketplace after all?

What do you sell? What gives you the lead?

Speed. Agility. Likeability?

Some just pull a few strings and IT waits for them.



Vacancy appears. And they pose ready to strike.

But she raises her finger and widens her eye.


Thus goes another opportunity.



Friends profit here like no place else.

Relief is bestowed to your poor aches.

A few shared giggles and a patient ear.

Is all that takes to influence here.


The prices are varied, some come free of charge.

Some evade you till the end, some sneak upon you.

But always welcome is one of them.

For sale here is a Seat in Mumbai’s Local Train.




One thought on “For Sale

  1. Hey, thanks for the pingback !! Never would have thought a poem would link to that blog post one day..
    (And a calendar based navigation widget for your blog would be great too…just a suggestion)

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