Things that make you AMAZING

First, the most important thing. I love you. I have honestly never been so much at peace and so satisfied in life in a long time. You fill my life with the good things that are immensely precious to me. You read me like you have known me since the beginning of time with my silences and pseudo-tantrums. It comforts me and makes me vulnerable all at the same time. When I struggle with words to tell you how I feel about you, you read my eyes and make saying them unessential. You comfort me without having to say too much.


That night when you were sleeping like an angel, I said some things to you.  Maybe my need to say them to you is greater than your curiosity to know them so anyway I am going to paraphrase it more for me than for you:


The Things That Make You Amazing


You’re amazing because you are so brave and you just don’t know it. Some of the choices I have seen you make are some of the bravest things I have ever seen anyone do. I know I never say it, but that amazes me each time I think about it and it fills me with awe for the person you are.


You’re amazing because in spite of everything that you’ve been through, you are still the gentlest soul I know. And like they say, it’s easier to be hard than it is to be soft and somehow magically you’ve managed to do just that. You’re strong without being harsh; you’re soft without being weak.


You’re amazing because you’re quite unpredictable, you are nice when no one expects it from you and you explode with the least provocation. With you, I never know exactly what to expect.


You’re amazing because when you’re standing amongst a crowd, waiting for me, and I am walking towards you, I just need to look above the crowd and you’re hard to miss. I can’t even begin to tell you how much warmth that fills me with to see the childlike eagerness with which you seek me out.


You’re amazing because of how you love me. So much that it often makes me wonder what have I done to deserve so much love and devotion? It’s like a treasure to cherish and be grateful for each day.


You’re amazing because just when I thought everything was over, you made me see that everything has just begun. And I can’t wait for the rest of it to unfold.


You’re amazing because when you’re lying next to me, I can’t get over the feeling that this is it.


You’re amazing because there is nothing that I can’t talk to you about. There is nothing that I ever feel you will not understand. You make it easy to be as honest as I’d like to be.



You’re amazing because you make me feel so comfortable and are so tolerant of all my paranoia.  You let me be, even when it is hard for you to understand why I am freaking out so much.


You’re amazing because your mind and the way you think never ceases to fascinate me. You are delightfully interesting and full of ideas all the time. I love that about you. It draws me to you like nothing else.


You’re amazing because you find the most romantic ways to do things. Even the simple things, like the way you arrest my gaze when we are in the most crowded of places. The way you squeeze my fingers. The way you call me minutes after dropping me to tell me you miss me already. All this melts me but I don’t say it.


There are so many more ways you are amazing to me and that list is ever increasing but for now this should do. 



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