A Hand in the Crowd


I know there will be people who will disappear from your life as if they never existed in the first place but in spite of knowing so it is surprising when the girl you called your best friend all through school does not wish you on your birthday and you somehow start wondering will she even think of inviting you to her marriage or even worse what if she is married already?


So friendships dissolve, relationships break, people die. We all know it. We have all seen it happen right before our very eyes. Yet when it happens the wisest of the wise lose their wisdom and return to the basics. Why is dealing with loss so hard?


I have struggled with it too and I am sure at some point everyone has. Then why is our species not evolving beyond it? We get jealous to retain our mates, we fall in love to recreate, we find children cute because of our maternal instincts but how does grief make sense evolutionarily? Don’t the ones fastest to adapt stand a better chance for survival? Why then is the human race struggle with any kind of change or loss?


Keeping our hearts aside when I come to think of it, loss does make sense. Throw away the old to make space for the new kind of funda. But what if there is no new to replace the old. Does that kind of loss make no sense?


There are a million things that we do right in a routine day but it is that one bad event/rude comment/missed deadline that remains with us at the end of the day. I mean to come to think of it a normal day has hundreds of things that went just right. But that never occurs to us. Or does it?


How many times has a co-traveler pushed you in their hurry to catch a train? How many times have you muttered profanity under your breath?  But, if a hand in the crowd caught you just as you were about to trip, wouldn’t that be something.





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