Take Me (For Granted)



All there is to say

has already been said.

Strained I Love you’s,

so frequently used

float in the air

settle on things

we no more use.

No new shade of me

is left for him to see.

We know our demons

they play well

though the world can’t see.



I lay still

my eyes rest

on the soft angles

of his baby face.

My insides twist

with love





I can see

where it could lead

this love.


He could destroy me

down to the last shimmering

spark of my soul.

Or he could hold my hand

and take me

everywhere I feared

I’d never go.

Or he could turn out

to be everything

I never knew I hoped for.


Which will it be

I know not…yet

But nothing will remain




His demands






And I suffer

But I go on

offering myself

bit by broken bit

for I know

no other way

to love.



And who is to say

this is too much?

Who is to question

what happens between us?

Does love ever

know to behave?

It doesn’t.

That is its beauty

And its own undoing.





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